Digital Learning Project Manager - Industrial Psychologist


My experience in both domains of human resources and industrial psychology enables me to understand what happens in the workplace with two very complementary perspectives.

A thesis on the use of serious games in organizations and learning transfer in the workplace served as a springboard which directed my career towards the design of games in digital format, training programs which integrate games, and animation sessions and their follow-up learning activities.

This is complemented by content design and module animation on hybrid training platforms (face-to-face and online).

In addition, as a research associate at the Research Center of Labor and Development, I analyze the learning transfer between games and work. I mainly analyze the individual and collective use of games and digital.

For more information, you can learn more about my career and other experiences on this web site.



The use of serious games in organizations Aux Editions érès

Games have been mainstream for more than a decade now, with the prevalence of video games, game shows, role-playing games, group puzzle games, and an endless list of many more. This culture of games has now been introduced in the professional environment of work.

Between freedom and constraint, illusion and reality, does the use of serious games promote creativity in business? What are the consequences of games on work, teamwork and employee health, when it becomes mandatory in managerial training? Is competition part of the game? Considering gambling, can ethical conflicts be avoided?

Based on an in-depth investigation into manager training, I explore the device or training instrument, the role of trainers, and the user experience. I analyze games at these different levels to understand the underlying issues, and also to examine their influence on managerial roles.